Does it rock or does it suck…? 3

Curious about the results of about open source i gave it a spin…

And the results are really fun!

Do all these mean something? Yes they do but not that much…

Give it a spin too… and leave a comment if you stumble upon something interesting.

About Eleftherios Kosmas

Technologist in the University of Athens, open source enthusiast, member of the local hackerspace, vice chairperson of the Libre Space Foundation,


3 thoughts on “Does it rock or does it suck…?

  • George Tziralis

    Hi lefteris, thanx for the write-up and we’re glad you find it useful & fun!
    A quick note, links in the form that you provide them are not working at the moment (we’ll fix that very soon). You may provide them in the form etc (and, yes, you can access results without leaving your address bar in that way). 🙂

  • George Tziralis

    Ακόμα ένα σχόλιο: Τα quotes “” είναι by default
    (δλδ όταν βάζεις πάνω από μία λέξη, θεωρείται πως έχεις βάλει quotes).
    Καλά τα λάθη πάντως, βοηθούν να αντιληφθούμε τι δεν είναι προφανές 🙂